Tree-house Oak-Height

This tree-house you reach by a curved way starting at the parking passing by the tree-houses Maple-Height and Birch-Height.First you remark the broad terrace of 12 sqm inviting you to stay. Concerning living-space Oak-Height with 44 sqm is a bit more than Maple-Height. Inside the tree-house a huge, suitable for disabled bathroom and a small kitchen with refrigerator are waiting for you. Additional to the double-bed a comfortable sleeping-couch enables the stay of 4 persons inside the tree-house. As in these times a TV is necessary though we didn't want to show it too obviously in the tree-house, we have hidden it in the wall. If needed you can get it out.

Looking through the Panorama-Door you directly see the Schierholz- and Pyrmont-Mountain, the fields and the wide spread Aerzen in the Humme-valley. Experience nature with roe deer, red kite and squirrel in the tree-house-hotel. All tree-houses are suitable for people with allergy. The beds inside as well as cushions and blankets are coordinated with too. We went without carpets, curtains and cloth as far as possible, a high-end Venyl-Floor guarantees warm feet nevertheless. That's why animals are not allowed, smoking too. For your own health we ask for your comprehension.


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